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Jacqui Johnson Counselling

 for individuals and couples


Qualified Counsellor based in Bognor Regis



Tel: 07480314827






"We think we listen, but rarely do we listen with real understanding, true empathy. Yet listening of this very special kind is one of the most potent forces for change that I know’" 

Carl Rogers, founder of person-centred therapy. 




















Jacqui Johnson Counselling

Humanistic Counsellor  BA (Hons) 





















You may have been listened to, but have you really been heard? In our everyday life we have many conversations, with family, friends, colleagues and even strangers, but we often never really listen to truly understand what is being said. 


Sometimes life gets tough and we can feel we are not coping, this is when we really need someone to hear us.

Things that have happened to us in the past can be holding us back in our everyday life now, leaving us with a feeling of being stuck.  Exploring those events and your feelings surrounding them can help you move forwards.


Your experiences are unique to just you so it is important to me that I hear what you are saying and that I understand, as far as possible, how things really are for you. I will listen with total acceptance and non-judgement .  Each session will your chance to explore your thoughts and feelings in a safe space.


It is important to me that you feel safe and comfortable when coming for counselling so sessions will be taken at your pace as you build up trust in the process and in me.


Seeking help shows great strength and willingness to make changes. All my clients are amazing people!

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