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Jacqui Johnson


about me

“In my relationships with persons I have found that it does not help, in the long run, to act as though I were something that I am not.”

 Carl R. Rogers, On Becoming a Person: A Therapist's View of Psychotherapy


First and foremost I am a human being, with emotions, just like you and have also had my own struggles and had past family members who have struggled with mental health issues.  I will bring to our sessions not only my qualifications but also my life experience. Counselling is all about the relationship we build together and with this in mind I think you will find my approach very down to earth.  For me, counselling has felt like a calling and comes very naturally.


I look forward to combining all these ingredients to help you work through whatever is troubling you and help you make choices that sit well with who you really are. We can do this together!


I am a member of the NCIP and work ethically under their guidelines.  


I have worked with people with many different issues including depression, anxiety, loneliness, psychosis, low self esteem, relationship problems, victims of narcissistic traits in others and many more, large or small.   I have an interest in personality disorders; I have personal experience of living with people who had traits of a personality disorder and I have trained to further my understanding of these.  I feel that this training has equipped me to understand, more deeply, other struggles that people have in the world (including everyday problems).   However, I am committed to working with the person and not the label of the "disorder".


I  have volunteered with Carers Support to help people who care for others and currently volunteer working with ex-offenders. 




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