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your counselling sessions

I work with individuals aged 16 or over.

You may have had experiences in the past that contribute to how you feel today, or you may be going through difficult times in your life currently. 

Maybe you feel as if you don't quite 'fit', or that you don't function the same way as others and have a constant inward battle with yourself, telling yourself you are not good enough, or worse.

The truth is we are constantly under pressure to be a certain way in order to be accepted in society or to please others, and our lives end up being a constant series of "shoulds".

We try hard to feel accepted and with this our true self can be pushed further and further away. This can lead to problems, such as depression, stress, anxiety, addictions, social anxiety, unsuccessful relationships, family issues, a feeling of being stuck, among many other difficulties.

As a person-centred counsellor working from a humanistic model I strongly believe that you hold your own answers, even if they feel out of reach at the moment. Your counselling sessions will be yours; a safe place for you to explore your feelings, your fears and parts of you that you may have hidden.  For this reason the counselling journey can sometimes be a little uncomfortable; I will be with you during those times offering a non-judgmental, confidential space.

My acceptance of you will help you accept yourself for who you really are. I will help, with gentle challenging, to focus on what changes you would like to make, all at your pace. This process can take different time scales for different people which is why I offer short or long-term counselling.

I look forward to working with you and helping you to make choices that sit well with the real you.

I am committed to furthering and updating my knowledge with Continuing Professional Development.


In addition to my degree I have undertaken further training in the following:

Certificate in Counselling

Diploma in Humanistic Counselling

Working with Internal Conflict


Neuro Linguistic Programming

Standing in your Power, An Introduction To Anger And How to be With Your Own

Transactional Analysis

Working with ex-offenders

Working with people with personality disorders

Couples Counselling Toolkit

Working with Narcissism (Including working with people who are or have been involved with someone with Narcissistic Personality Disorder)

Narcissists and Their Children - Made Not Born

Working with Clients Dreams

Counselling victims of sex abuse and partners/family members of sex offenders

Understanding Personality Disorders, KUF Training

Individuation for the Adult Replacement Child, Kristina E. Schellinski


Introduction to Couples Counselling, Debbie Winterbourne

Level 2 Couples Counselling, Debbie Winterbourne

CBT Diploma, Centre of Excellence


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